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accomplished with certainty by the use of tubercular

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will usually vomi The cold infusion is highly useful in dyspep

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should stand in front of his patient a few times when bandaging the

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secretion may be and has been discovered in the saliva by

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to eat heartily of the fruit which they forbid to others and

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surgical operations are peculiarly liable and any deeply seated focus of

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from the body and distended with per cent alcohol injected

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various climatic conditions without appreciable change. It was

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by thrusting them seveml times through a cake of wet soap.

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as soon as he arose did so frequently during the day threw his

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Females and males severe suffocative form of parenchymatous goitre equally prevalent

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has such wealth of foliage united with all the conven

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piration. The parts then return slowly downward and back

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discharge from the abscesses contains pus cells sometimes intermixed with granular

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We clearly recognize the impracticability of standardizing a bio

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effects following this exercise. In looking through

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sidering the low general level of cooking in this country in fact one

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animals. It is interesting to note that experiment showed that when

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The case was one in which the wife had been accused

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sion from the State to use the title doctor because of its

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found to be practically valueless as germicides iu the

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these some only require to be washed and fed kept warm and

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College in that department and to this student there is given a scholarship

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and Health Resorts of Europe etc. with the collabo

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feeding them developed eggs. The latter author also succeeded in

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After the delivery of the Presidential address the first

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penetrate the perivascular cortex the vessels thereby presenting a spi

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We initially suspected a bacterial infection most likely

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affect this first by covering over a little more of its anterior

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the most part assumed by the combatant officers. The

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the fame purpofe for during this exertion like that of the muf

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dog arouses a reasonable suspicion of an approaching attack of

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enced by this drug although its effects are sometimes felt in

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ance by a British subject of the decoration of a foreign ordei

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He also feels that in medical cases which may at any time assume

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